We offer a a variety of training solutions using Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Custom Training

Sending staff on standard training courses is not always appropriate. We recognise that you may need to train your staff in alternative ways and offer the following solutions:

  • Delivery of your own courses.
  • Custom courses developed to your specific needs.
  • Individual coaching sessions for specific problems.
  • Courses delivered at your or our offices.

Remote Training

You may have a problem understanding or getting to grips with a particular feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A training course would probably help you, but you can't spare the time and you just need help with one area. We offer remote one-to-one training that targets a specific area or problem. Our staff use Internet-based remote desktop technology to access your system and take you through the issue whilst speaking with you over the phone.

Scheduled Courses at CRM Masters

We offer scheduled training courses in Dynamics 365 on our CRM Masters website. We have a schedule of training courses that will give you the practical knowledge that you need to implement, customize and maintain Dynamics 365.

Our courses are designed to give you highly-focused instructor-led training to cover topics you won't find elsewhere. These courses cover newer features to bring you up to speed quickly with version releases, and go into more depth in some areas that need more time than other training provides. Check out our list of courses for Dynamics 365; if there is something that you need training in that that you don't see please let us know .

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.