Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Service


This course describes the service capabilities that allow you to track and manage customer comments, issues and complaints and manage entitlement to service. The course also covers using knowledge articles and the interactive service hub. Attending this course will help students decide how their business can implement a service capability using Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Module 1 Introduction to Service Management

This module provides an overview of the record types used in service management and explains how they are related.

Module 2 Cases

This module describes how to work with case records and covers the following topics.

  • Create cases
  • The case form
  • Parent and child case settings
  • Automatic record (case) creation rules
  • The case lifecycle
  • Status reason transitions
  • Merging cases 

Module 3 Entitlements

  • Create and manage Entitlements
  • Entitlement templates
  • Apply Entitlements

Module 4 Service Level Agreements

  • Create and manage SLAs
  • SLA types
  • Configure holiday schedules
  • Configure customer service schedules
  • Timer controls
  • System settings related to service

Module 5 Routing Cases and Queues

This module describes using queues to manage the routing of cases to appropriate teams.

  • Managing queues
  • Public and private queues
  • Working with queue items
  • Routing rules 

Module 6 Knowledge Articles

  • The knowledge article life cycle
  • Versions and numbering
  • Translations
  • Ratings
  • Search for articles
  • Relate articles to cases and other entities 

Module 7 Interactive Service Hub

  • Overview of the Interactive Service Hub
  • Forms in the Interactive Service Hub
  • Interactive Experience Dashboards
  • Filtering and sorting  

Audience Profile 

This course is aimed at anyone that needs to work with the service functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This includes salespeople, consultants and support staff.


Some experience of working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and familiarity with the web interface.