Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Automating Processes in CRM


This one day course describes an area of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can be of substantial benefit to an organization by making processes more efficient.

The course presents different options with guidance on when each option is appropriate. Attending this make will help students make the best decision for their business.


Module 1 Introduction to Process Automation

  • Value of automating processes
  • Overview of Dynamics 365 capabilities

Module 2 Workflows

  • Workflow Types
  • Using the Workflow Editor
  • Workflow Triggers and Actions
  • Dynamic Values
  • Child Workflows

Module 3 - Managing Workflows

  • Monitoring Workflow Execution
  • Dealing with Failed Workflows
  • Workflow Security

Module 4 Business Process Flows

  • Overview of Business Process Flows
  • Create a Business Process Flow
  • Use Stages and Steps
  • Switching between Business Process Flows

Module 5 Business Rules

  • Overview of Business Rules
  • Create Business Rules
  • Conditions and Actions
  • Interaction with JavaScript

Module 6 Dialogs

  • Overview of Dialogs
  • Compare Dialogs with Workflows
  • Dialog Components

Audience Profile 

This training is intended for administrators and consultants who need to learn the options for automating processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The course is for students who are new to working with processes.


Some experience of working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and familiarity with the web interface.