There is more to installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM than just double-clicking on the installation file, clicking next on all the prompts and hoping for the best.

CRM relies on a number of other products to be installed and correctly configured. After installation, you should think about customizing CRM to match the way your business works.

It is therefore, very important to assess your network infrastructure to ensure a smooth installation.

We realise that many smaller companies who wish to install CRM may not have the time or expertise to undertake such an assessment or the installation. We offer two services specially aimed at such companies.

Fixed price pre-installation assessment

This service provides a detailed review of your network infrastructure in terms of its suitability for an installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We will review and report on whether your network has the required technologies, whether they are correctly configured and also comment on the suitability of your computer hardware in terms of performance.

The price for this service is fully refundable against the purchase of our Fixed price installation service.

Fixed price installation for up to 20 users

This service is ideal for smaller businesses that do not have the time or skills to install CRM and provides:

  • installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your server
  • setting up CRM user accounts
  • installation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook on up to 20 PCs
  • configuration of CRM e-mail
  • setting up regular backups of the CRM database

The price for this service does not include the cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences or any training or any additional software that may be needed to make your network suitable for installation of CRM.